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Employee Branding

The game rules have changed. Those who are building a brand are not just costumers, but employees that work on your company.

Employee branding websites are increasing with current and ex-employees talking about their experiences, advising to join or to avoid getting inside the company. If your employees feel seduced for your company, your end-clients will also do.

A company that hires in such a way is something special" [Former candidate]

Saids & reads

Organisations typically neglect�to incorporate characteristics and�behaviours for innovative working into�recruitment and selection criteria" [NESTA Report on Everyday Innovation, Dec 2009]

I really value team spirit and candidates energy, and the only way for me to detect that was through assesment center tools. Observing candidates working in groups. However, that takes time. Observing candidates connecting with each other through an online based process, clearly speeds my decision" [HResources Manger]

About Funky Projects

Funky Projects is a service design company that is constantly researching how to bring about innovation and design new businesses; we are entrepreneurial and want to be one step ahead of the clients specified project.

We work from a process of reflection in action in order to design new types of transformational business.