Hello Change

The four gates of Hello Change

Hello Change system has four gates to filter candidates. The first one is communication to attract the most suitable people avoiding applications noise. The second gate are a set of questions designed to detect skills and actituds. The third gate is the webcasting online community process. Finally, the last gate, is the workshop gate, where candidates and companies meet each other.

Does Funky Projects support the company throug the process? Yes, we offer consultancy, experience and strategic creativity to customize the process.

The four gates  process
Activities for candidates

The Webcasting process

Hello Change participants join a community of talented people where everybody can learn and be inspired by what the others do. Everybody has a profile page to introduce themselves. Employeers can design different kinds of actions to be made individually or in group. Hello Change participants share their proposals with the community though videos, images and conversations.

Who can join the webcasting? Only the candidates selected by the company after the question gate to detect skills and actituds. This means that the first effort is about choosing and the next one about strategic team building.

How did we design the platform?

Benchmarking all the tools that HR agencies use to recruit, interviewing HR managers both in agencies and client sides, observing the frustrations and desires of both sides (employers and employees).
Common quotes we found:
this was not what I expected before being hired", the person didn't have feeling with the rest of the team, there was a cultural issue", it takes too long to find the right person", you get rejected, and you don't know why... I would like to know, to at least learn about how I am perceived", It's never something fun... I'm allways nervious when doing an interview"

What were the key guidelines we used to design the platform?

  • transparency
  • seamless experience: connect current employees with candidates
  • enjoy: if you are having fun you'll give your best.

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